About me

Kestutis Petronis

Born 29 07 1986 in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kestutis_PetronisSince my childhood I was always interested in motorsport but motorbikes was my first love. My parents bought me my first motorbike when I was 5 years old and then my life changed. I became seeker of adrenalin and extreme. But when I grew up everything have changed. My first car when I was 18 years old was Nissan 200sx S13. It was stock car but then it was like rocket! That time was popular for drag racing so every night I was going downtown to race with someone. It won’t took long and after a year I met a few guys who said drag is not a sport, lets try drifting! Drifting? I’ve never heard about that before and when I saw them sliding in a corner, getting sideways in a narrow road and I said “I want to try this”. Once did that I realized that this is me! This is what I’m going to do rest of my life.

Few years more I was only a street drifter, I’ve changed my Nissan S13 to Nissan 350Z but there wasn’t enough power so I’ve build forged SR20DET engine with 360bhp and put it in S13 chassis. It was my first missile car with enough power to be top drifter in Lithuania. Early spring I started training with my new car and results were better and better because best drift teachers from Lithuanian was with me. So my first lifetime competition event was in Latvia 2009, small Bikernieki track. It was amazing event I will never forget that! I had to handle my stress and focus only for driving. And results were amazing – in qualifying runs I was top qualified guest drifter. Overall I took 5th place that day and I was super exited and super happy with such a victory for me! Then I started training more and more, almost every day! My family supported me and results were really great. I am very thankful them for that. I won all events in Lithuania winning first places and became Lithuanian Drift King! Veni Vidi Vici. That day I realized that this motorsport is going to be with me rest of my life…